• Classic hookah on AMY bowl
    480 uah

Hookah on fruit

  • Apple
    520 uah
  • Grapefruit
    560 uah
  • Garnet
    540 uah
  • Pineapple
    750 uah
  • Cactus
    680 uah
  • Dragon's fruit
    750 uah

Smoking mixes

  • Dolma Exclusive
  • Darkside
  • Fumary
  • Milano
  • Serbetly
  • Tangiers

Smoking cocktails

  • Baku Nights

    *Double effect,cherry, Baku night

    Exclusive mix will immerse you in the warm summer evenings of the unique Baku. The taste is dominated by notes of blueberries, cherries, pomegranate.
  • Blueberry Breeze

    *Blueberry, Red coffee, Baku night

    The original combination of the soft taste of blueberries and bright red coffee gives a rich and unforgettable aroma. Dense smoke, medium strength
  • Joker

    *Eskandarani apple, melon, watermelon

    The classic fragrance of a green apple in combination with watermelon and melon will please connoisseurs of strong and dense smoke.
  • Candy Cane

    *Milk shake, bergamot, acai

    In the mix is ​​a pronounced aroma of elderberry flowers, complemented by the delicate taste of bergamot and the sweetness of a milkshake. It has medium strength and saturation.
  • Lucky

    Pineapple, Milk shake, blueberry

    Light, thin, fruity-milk flavor. In the aftertaste, the notes of pineapple are clearly revealed. Smoke of medium density, light.
  • Gold lady

    *Peach, acai, cactus-lime

    A gentle, enchanting fragrance with a bright taste of peach and elderberry, which is harmoniously supplemented with the color of cactus.
  • Paradise

    *Ice, strawberry lemonade, citrus ice

    Refreshing mix of tobacco with dense "cold" smoke. Stable taste of citrus in ice.
  • Black Mamba

    *Passion fruit, strawberry lemonade, cola

    Very rich and vibrant mix. Smoke differs high density and strength, keeping a clear range of fruit notes throughout the entire period of smoking.
  • Adios

    *Mojito, grapefruit, pear

    A non-standard combination of flavors will surprise even the most experienced connoisseurs of hookah smoke. The taste is light, medium-strong, based on unobtrusive grapefruit bitterness and pear sweetness
  • Fruity Bomb

    *Grapes, Melon, Blueberries, Ice

    Blueberry mix with ice adds freshness and sophistication to the classic combination of grapes and melons. Has an explosive strength and saturation.